Conducting Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews in Sudan

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Introduction to Forcier

Forcier is a multi-sectoral research and monitoring & evaluation firm operating across Africa and the Middle East since 2011. Our core services include program evaluations, opinion polling, third party monitoring, and capacity building for UN Agencies, NGOs, governments and private sector clients operating in post-conflict and challenging environments. Forcier currently has offices in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, and Egypt. These offices are supported by a remote technical unit in Washington, D.C., and our quarters in Tampa, Florida, USA.


The rapid spread of COVID-19 through sub-Saharan Africa has made it nearly impossible to carry out face-to-face data lection to support existing research and M&E needs or to provide needed data to target humanitarian responses to COVID-19. In most African countries, the situation is likely to worsen over the coming months, as governments are severely under-resourced and have limited ability to carry out broad testing regimes. Notwithstanding these challenges, it is still possible to obtain high-quality, actionable data during this profoundly uncertain time.

In this context, Forcier is seeking a sub-contractor to carry out computer assisted telephonic interviews (CATI) using experienced enumerators. The sub-contractor must have the capacity to collect and quality assure CATI data using a combination of manual back-checks, and random audio-audits. The questionnaire for the survey will be provided to the sub-contractor, pre-programmed into Survey CTO. Forcier is looking for qualified local research firms to sub-contract to carry out the phone interviews and quality assure the data on a daily basis.

Research Objectives

To mobilize qualified teams in Mozambique, DRC, Zambia, Malawi, Sudan, South Sudan who are set up to conduct telephonic interviews on a variety of themes. The objective of this telephonic research is to obtain nationally representative information on key food security indicators, including questions necessary to construct the Household Hunger Scale (HHS) indicator, as well as key household demographic indicators. It is understood that CATI surveys are not nationally representative in all sense, but the sub-contractor must propose a strategy for obtaining a sample that is as representative as possible of the full national population of the countries of interest listed above.  


The questionnaire has been formulated in a long and short version and so we would appreciate quotes for a 40-minute questionnaire and for a 20-minute questionnaire. We also would appreciate quotes for a sample size of 400 and for a sample size of 1000 respondents. 


Number of Interviews      Interview Length (minutes)

400                                        40

400                                        20

1000                                      40

1000                                      20

 Sampling methodologies used for these studies will most likely fit into one of two categories:

a.       Using a pre-existing sample frame of CATI numbers (e.g. from an ongoing telephonic panel), or

b.       Using random-digit-dialing (RDD) to obtain a sample that is broadly representative of the population of mobile-phone owners within the desired sample frame (a general population, either nationally or from a given region).

 I.                     Deliverables

a.       Raw Data

II.                   Timeline

a.       Please propose an anticipated timeline for each request

 Submission Requirements

To be considered under this RFP, please submit the following:

1.       Technical proposal: a narrative proposal (no more than 3 pages) that includes the following sections

a.       Relevant experience: provide details of projects of similar scope and complexity in nature you have worked on in the past

b.       Specific expertise: describe your expertise specific to the various themes detailed above

c.       Key personnel and staffing: describing your staffing plan for the project and include CVs for key personnel

d.       Timeline: include a detailed timeline for the research activities

e.       Strategy for obtaining a sample that is as representative as possible of the full national population of the countries of interest


2.       Financial proposal

a.       A budget inclusive of the total costs for the request, as well as a cost per interview

b.       Include a two-day training in the budget for supervisors and CATI operators

c.       Applicants must complete and submit the below table in their response in addition to their standard budget. 

d.       All prices must be in USD and must be inclusive of any taxes. 

 # of Interviews     Interview Length (minutes)     Sample     

400                         20                                                RDD 

1000                       20                                                RDD

400                         40                                                RDD

1000                       40                                                RDD

400                        20                                        Sample Provided

1000                      20                                        Sample Provided

 400                       40                                        Sample Provided

 1000                     40                                        Sample Provided

 For each scenario, please include the following:  

# of CATI Operators    

# of CATI Supervisors     

Cost of 2-day training

Completes Per day

Cost Per Interview

Total Cost

Criteria for Submission

Applicants must have, at the minimum, the following qualifications:

-          Proposed staffing plan must include at least one fluent speaker of English as a supervisor.

-          Existing network of enumerators that are able to contact beneficiaries throughout the country in local languages

-          Demonstrated experience in conducting telephonic surveys in Mozambique, DRC, Zambia, Malawi, Sudan, or South Sudan

-          Clear plans and established procedures for quality assuring CATI work that are consistent with the need to avoid contributing to the spread of COVID-19

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